William Kaufman Org.

Background. The Kaufman Organization was composed of two primary divisions. Sage Realty was a company that managed a group of distinctive Kaufman-owned office buildings in Manhattan. SageGroup Associates was the brokerage unit that kept those buildings leased to capacity and served a select group of buildings outside the Kaufman portfolio.

Actions. Porte created advertising designed to increase awareness of Sage and SageGroup. PR was used tactically to focus on key areas of interest for the firm.

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Small Agency Ingenuity at Its Finest

It was small agency ingenuity that helped win this assignment — a simple postcard, sent during the holiday season, that advised potential clients that others in their category were given the opportunity to benefit from our services.

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SageGroup Advertising

Porte created advertising that capitalized on the fact that SageGroup had already filled the Kaufman buildings — and was ready to fill others. The advertising is anything but traditional.

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Sage Advertising

Sage wanted to extend its building management services beyond the Kaufman portfolio. Porte did that in a very unexpected way.