Background. Tuck-It-Away is a self-storage company with locations primarily in upper Manhattan and The Bronx. The bulk of their advertising budget had been allocated to various Yellow Pages, consistent with the norm of the industry. The company sought to expand awareness via a modest allocation to other media.

Actions. Porte developed a media plan based on frequency because one never knows when someone will need storage space. A big agency would likely come to the same conclusion. We took it one step further — the small agency ingenuity — by building a media plan using subway one-sheets in specific locations, in-cinema and local residential newspapers.

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Tuck-It-Away Advertising

A smart media plan is nothing but a plan without clever — albeit very relevant — creative to support it. Porte created the selling line "Don't throw it away, Tuck-It-Away" as a means of persuading people with crowded apartments to rent storage space.