Rapid Park

Background. Rapid Park was a chain of approximately 25 parking facilities. They participated in a very competitive industry, which was characterized by relatively large, long-term contracts to manage and operate parking garages owned by commercial and residential buildings.

Actions. Porte’s objective was twofold: 1) establish Rapid Park as a “player” in an industry where three or four large companies dominated the market and 2) enable them to participate in the bidding process for upcoming contracts.

Results. With Porte’s help, Rapid Park established itself as a prime competitor in the New York City parking market. Rapid Park’s higher profile caught the attention of Impark, a global parking company. Sadly, Impark had its own communications resources and our relationship ended.

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The first step was to develop a brochure that would enable Rapid Park to compete on an equal footing with its larger competitors.

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The client asked us to design a simple T-shirt. Porte created many options, but ultimately established the Rapid Park positioning: "New York has more great parks than you think." This expression became the basis for all future Rapid Park communications.

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Rapid Park had a very modest advertising budget, but Porte made the most of it with a series of small space ads announcing the company's 50th anniversary, new contracts and a variety of initiatives.

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Public Relations

Porte generated editorial support from relevant trade publications, just as a larger, traditional agency might do. The small agency ingenuity came from getting the publications to report on Rapid Park's "park-bench" advertising and "windshield marketing," which was featured in an editorial overview of the way advanced technology was impacting the industry.

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Direct Response

Porte created a database of New York buildings with parking facilities. An on-going direct mail campaign determined when contracts were up for renewal, established Rapid Park as a credible candidate for bidding on upcoming contracts and maintained an ongoing dialog that enabled Rapid Park to compete against bigger competitors.