Paradigm Vision

Background. In December 2004, Paradigm came to Porte with a new product in the videoconferencing category. Paradigm had a product, but no name for the product, no positioning, and only some general ideas as to how the product might be marketed.

Paradigm also had committed to present at a trade show that was three months away.

Actions. Porte helped name the new product (Focus) and prepared Paradigm for its trade show with logos, positioning, a media kit, collateral materials, PR and signage.

Results. Paradigm’s Focus had a successful trade show and the brand is now rolling out its initial sales program.

Big agency thinking told us what to do. Small agency ingenuity enabled us to get the work done — swiftly, effectively and cost efficiently.

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Logo - Paradigm

Porte created the Paradigm and Focus logos virtually overnight.

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New-Brand Naming and Positioning

"Business Optimized" Video Conferencing helped distinguish Focus from a multitude of other video conferencing products by creating a new category emphasizing its specific design to meet the needs of business users.

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Media Kit/Collateral

Porte created a media kit, including a brochure, product descriptions, sales sheets, press releases, examples of product applications as well as a 6-minute demonstration video on DVD and trade show signage.