Montenay Power — Waste-to-Energy

Background. Montenay Power is a waste-to-energy company. They manage plants that burn garbage and turn that garbage into energy.

Porte’s challenge was to increase Montenay’s awareness profile so that, when contracts came up for renewal, Montenay would be in the consideration set.

Actions. Porte created brochures, advertising, PR and collateral materials to keep Montenay in the mindsets of municipal and private waste-to-energy decision-makers.

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No one is likely to assign a multi-million dollar contract based on a brochure; however, Montenay's brochure helped separate the company from its competitors.

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Porte created an advertising campaign for the trade publication, "Waste Age." We took the language of engineers, translated it into copy that could be understood and appreciated by decision-makers — many of whom have a less technical orientation — and produced a series of ads that established Montenay as a major participant in the industry.