Legion Paper

Background. Legion Paper sells fine art and other specialized papers. The large format fine art paper is used in printing of art prints and lithographs. It can retail for anywhere from $5 – $20 per sheet.

Actions. Porte created advertising and a direct mail piece to persuade art publishers to invest in these expensive papers.

Results: Legion’s success grew in the high-end art and specialty paper market. They were subsequently purchased by Gould Paper, a multi-billion dollar corporation. Gould had an existing relationship with a marketing firm. We went our separate ways.

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A trade ad used the Sphinx as an icon both for longevity and the damage that can be caused by the environment.

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Mailing Piece

A mailer employed small agency ingenuity to communicate the same message in a most distinctive manner. We mailed out a package of Tums to paper buyers. Calcium carbonate, the ingredient that helps buffer the acids in one's stomach, is the same ingredient that buffers environmental acids that can otherwise diminish the life of a print.