First National of America — Golf Course Mortgaging

Background. FNA makes loans to a single asset class — golf courses. With about 16,000 potential customers, this is a very narrow target. FNA wanted a higher profile in the secondary loan market so it would be easier to syndicate its golf loans, thereby freeing up capital to make additional loans.

Actions. Porte created a logo, brochure, media kit, advertising and a very targeted PR campaign to specific financial publications, bankers and the secondary bond market.

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Porte created a positioning line and brochure for FNA.

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A trade advertising campaign was placed in golf management magazines. The ads were placed in premium locations (back cover, opposite table of contents, etc.).

Public Relations

Using our small agency ingenuity, Porte created a short list of esoteric, but very relevant, lending publications. We generated FNA articles and profiles in publications such as Bond Buyer, American Banker and several others. We also got the client featured on a local business radio program.