Eddy & Schein In-Home Administrators for Seniors

Background. Eddy & Schein came to Porte Advertising with an established business in need of refocus. They had named their business “Family Office Consultants,” and defined what they did as making life easier through expert, one-on-one management of personal office and financial affairs. It was decided that a six-month “project” should provide them with the marketing/creative help they would require short term.

Action. Porte created a new company name that more clearly reflected what we believed was the core of the service they provided (In-Home Administrators for Seniors), and defined their services as proving management and coordination of personal, financial, legal and health insurance matters. We also created a slogan: Life keeping, not just bookkeeping.

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Public Relations and Direct Mail

PR and Direct Mail reflected the company's need to address both "wholesale" and "retail" targets.

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The Agency created a new brochure, stationery, business cards, website copy and materials for a trade show.