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Christopher Duggan, a photographer whose business was primarily devoted to weddings, came to Porte as “Threshold Visions.” Christopher wanted to differentiate himself from hundreds of competitors.

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Porte encouraged Duggan to use his own name to define the business—he is the primary asset and his talents are what define the business. Porte further encouraged Duggan to emphasize his work with The Alvin Ailey Dance Company and the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. The rationale was that “If Chris can capture the beauty, fast pace and immediacy of movement in dance, he can certainly capture the beauty and nuances of a wedding.” Additionally we created a parchment scroll set of his wedding vows, for Chris to give to soon-to-be-weds and planners, which summarized his commitment to the bride and groom and their families. Finally, recognizing the unspoken primary fear of anyone planning to have their wedding documented, Porte created the emotionally powerful tag line: When it comes to your wedding, there are no do-overs!

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The newly anointed Christopher Duggan Photography recently completed its most successful year in business, and Chris, along with inclusion in many prominent Bridal magazine articles, has been featured in the prestigious New York Magazine’s wedding issue.