Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions

Background. Epiq Bankruptcy Solutions manages the claims processing for corporate bankruptcies.

An important facet of Epiq’s business is publishing legal notices. Porte has formatted and placed advertising for Epiq since 1996.

Actions. Porte formatted, bought and replaced the notices, determining the most cost-efficient layout. Next comes proofing. Though notices are often prepared by some of the most sophisticated attorneys in the country, about 4 of 5 have some type of spelling or grammar inconsistencies. We find them — and we fix them.

We then help determine the media in which the notices will run (we have worked with some 400+ newspapers and magazines globally). Finally, we follow up and secure confirmation that the notices are published.

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Media Selection

When the media selection is made, it does not end there. Where the notice is published in a newspaper or magazine impacts cost and likely readership, as does what day of the week it runs. Porte implemented the most extensive media schedule for a bankruptcy notice — 118 papers. All ran without a hitch.

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Large Size Ads

Porte formatted and placed the largest bankruptcy notice ever published.

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Epiq Brochure

Porte created a brochure for Epiq outlining and detailing the myriad services they provide to their clients — attorneys and debtor companies.