Jay H. Heyman

Principal/Creative Director

Jay’s award winning creative ability and strategic sense have been honed by a long career that had one basic objective: come up with the one simple — but unexpected — idea that links the strategic core of the product to the consumer’s needs. This concept of idea-driven advertising has served Jay’s clients well.

Early in his career, Jay’s skills built franchises for Skippy Peanut Butter, Total and Trix cereals, Burgie beer and Frigidaire appliances.

Jay continued to extend his marketing and creative horizons and hands-on approach serving clients like Ralston Purina, Texaco and American Home Products. While a Creative Director at a smaller shop, he broadened his experience with collateral and business-to-business communications. Clients who came to respect — and benefit from — Jay’s contributions included Safilo Eyewear, Sharp Watches, Kangol Hats, ClearVision Eyewear, The Curaçao Tourist Board and the American Arbitration Association.

At Porte, Jay continues to generate the kind of idea-driven advertising that has built clients’ businesses in the past. Examples of many of these stories can be found on the web site.

Jay has found that he enjoys writing about himself in the third person and looks forward to doing it more often.

Paul Mesches

Principal/Marketing Director

Paul’s classic marketing communications training comes from having served global clients in the account management departments of large advertising agencies.

He helped build brands for Procter & Gamble (Duncan Hines, Crisco Oil and Ivory Liquid), Johnson & Johnson (StayFree), Quaker Oats (Celeste Pizza, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Oh’s Cereals) and M&M/Mars (Snickers, 3Musketeers, Kudos). Extensive new-products development in a variety of categories was included in all of these assignments.

Paul also applied those skills to brand development in categories as diverse as liquor, travel, consumer electronics, toys, cell phones and beverages.

At Porte, Paul continues to focus on brand building in a wide range of categories: apparel, restaurants, waste management, real estate, video conferencing and more. He develops marketing strategies, media plans, promotions and PR for all of Porte’s clients.

Paul is convinced that all marketers need the same fundamental thinking that develops brands at major packaged goods companies. Smaller marketers need it faster, more efficiently and often with a little more flair.